Frequently Asked Questions

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is a process carried out by the body on a daily basis, where toxins are released and eliminated through the liver, lungs, kidneys, lymphatic system and skin. Today’s diet – high in processed and refined foods coupled with pollution, chemical additives and drugs are difficult for the body to process and eliminate toxins.

To add with, your body produces high levels of metabolic waste (free radicals) which adds to the toxic level in your cells while eliminating these toxins. When you detox (abstinence from food), this process stimulates your body to kickstart its natural cleansing process in order to release and eliminate toxins out of your body.

Why I must stop eating (Solid Food) during a Detox?

The purpose of fasting is a vital part of detoxification. Eating requires a lot of energy to digest, assimilate and then eliminate food. The more energy used, the more metabolic waste (free radicals) is produced. In addition, every morsel of food produces waste and toxic substance if not eliminated properly. Fasting puts your body in a state of rest (homeostasis) and allows the body to cleanse itself of stored toxins as well as to heal, rejuvenate and restore chemical balance.

Is the Program safe?

Yes, the Program is completely safe for a person of average health and as young as six. However, the Program may not be compatible with certain health conditions or if you are undergoing treatment or receiving medication. Contact your health practitioner before embarking on the Program.

Is the Detox a weight loss programme?

The Detox is a natural and safe way to lose weight. It effectively assists your body to burn fat, eliminates accumulated toxins and restores your body’s chemistry. In addition, it eliminates cravings and junk food addiction which makes losing weight a natural process. It is common for most people to lose up to 1 Kilogram of fat per day.

Can I perform the Program if I have diabetes?

People with Type I diabetes have successfully and safely performed Neera Detox. The Neera Drink contains sugar from organic natural tree syrups. Each glass contains a fairly low amount (only 50 calories). The idea of the diet is to drink as many glasses of the Madal Bal Drink throughout the day, giving the body a steady dose of simple carbohydrates.

In fact, Madal Bal Detox works as an excellent weight loss diet for Type II diabetes as well. Research has shown that periodically abstaining from food lowers the insulin levels.

Always consult your doctor first before starting on the program if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Can I consume other foods and drinks?

Avoid all types of beverages such as coffee or tea. You can drink herb teas such as chamomile or peppermint. Or you may sweeten herb teas with the Madal Bal Syrup. The 6 -12 glasses of the Madal Bal Drink throughout the day will replenish the necessary sugars you need.

I have low blood pressure. Is the Program safe for me?

During the Program, your blood pressure will drop as you are abstaining from food. Thus, it is not advisable if you are medically treated for low blood pressure. Should you have a mild case of low blood pressure, start the Program by having a cup of unsweetened black coffee in the morning. This will act as a natural stimulant. Also, drink sufficient Madal Bal Drinks.

Can I do the Program If I’m underweight?

Yes. One of the possible reasons for being underweight is the body’s inability to absorb sufficient nutrients from the food you eat. Madal Bal Detox can help you clear your eliminative channels for better absorption of nutrients. During the program, you will lose some weight but will regain it as soon as you resume eating. If you’re concerned about losing too much weight, increase 3 – 4 tablespoons of Madal Bal Syrup to each glass of the Drink.

Will lemon juice be too acidic on an empty stomach?

Is lemon alkaline or acidic? Citrus fruits are assumed to have an acidifying effect on your body. In actual fact, when metabolised in the body, the acid has an alkalinising effect in the system. That’s why most people on the Madal Bal Detox don’t experience stomach acidity.

What if I have stomach ulcers?

The Program was specifically created by naturopath Stanley Burroughs in the 1940’s for a patient who suffered from chronic stomach ulcers and was healed. Since ulcers have several causes it is advisable to undergo the diet under the supervision of a health practitioner.

Who should go on the Program?

Anyone of average health who wishes to achieve overall well being, better health or lose weight. Madal Bal Detox will help kick-start your health by revitalising and rejuvenating your body.

Who should NOT do the Programme?

The Program is not recommended for those with chronic degenerative diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes and endocrine diseases. Nor is it advisable if you suffer from bulimia, anorexia or low blood pressure. If you have any concerns, consult your health practitioner before starting the Program.

Can I continue to take my vitamins and supplements?

If you are taking them under the advice of your doctor for a specific health condition, do go on taking them. However if you’re taking them for general health then we recommend that you discontinue using them until after the diet. Your body will have to work twice as hard to eliminate anything you consume during the detox.

What if I’m on medication?

Never go off any prescribed medications without your doctor’s approval. If you need to keep taking your medication, it is still better to do the Madal Bal Detox with medication than to not do it at all.

Can I continue my exercise and training routines?

Light exercise are fine, but do not overexert yourself. If you’re an athlete, keep on training but take it easy. Athletes in training may experience a reduction in stamina and are advised to cut back 60-70% of normal training intensity for the duration of the Program.

How long should I stay on the Program?

Longer fast have cumulative benefits compared to short fast. However, it may not be deemed suitable for everyone. So if you’re intending to fast but find it hard to carry out a 7 – 10 day detox. A short detox of 1 – 3 days can be very beneficial and have cumulative results if repeated over 2 – 3 months.

How do I know if the detox is working?

A good way to measure the progress of detoxification is by observing the colour of your tongue. When you begin the Program, your tongue will be pinkish. As the Program progresses, a white coating will start to form on your tongue, changing from yellow to sometimes brown. This toxic coating can easily be removed by scraping with a spoon, tongue cleaner, or toothbrush. Your tongue normally regains its normal colour once you resume eating. If the coating remains after the Programme, it is an indication that your body is still toxic and that another Neera Detox is recommended within a month. Another measure, is when you experience cleansing symptoms such as headaches, bodily aches, skin reactions or sometimes fever are actually positive signs that the detox is working as stored toxins are released and are circulating before they are eliminated from your body. This usually lasts from 1-3 days.

Is it necessary to take laxative tea during detox?

The tea works as a light natural laxative to aid in a deeper cleanse. It is best used on a Program of 3 days or more. If you’re doing short 1-3 day Program on a regular basis, you can skip the tea and have the Madal Bal Drink instead. If you’re doing Madal Bal Detox as a meal replacement, do not consume the tea.

Standard Instructions for Senna tea : Drink one each morning and at night. Senna tea works as a natural laxative to help break layers of accumulated waste matter in the stomach and intestinal track. Start with a mild brew, steeping for only 2-3 minutes on the first day and gradually increase steeping time by a minute or two thereafter.

How do I conclude the Program?

Since the digestive system would have been at rest for several days, you need to plan a gradual transition back to the normal diet. The basic idea is to start with fresh fruit juices and fruits, then progress, in order, to vegetable juices, raw or steamed vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and fats and proteins. The most common mistake is to eat too much, too soon.

How often should I do the Program?

You can benefit from a 7 – 10 day detox carried out up to 3 – 6 times a year, or 3 – 5 days carried out every other month. And for maintenance, going on a once a week or one weekend a month can greatly reduce toxic build up. Ultimately, find a regimen that suits both your lifestyle and discipline.

Can I change the mix of the Madal Bal Drink?

If you feel especially hungry, are very physically active or have a high metabolism, you may wish to add more syrup to the mix. Try adding the syrup in a 3:2 or 4:2 ratio to the lemon juice. Or you can drink an addition of 2 – 3 glasses. Find a mix that works for you. Some people like more syrup in the mix, others less. If your goal is to lose weight, drink 6 to 10 glasses of the standard mix throughout the day.

How much Madal Bal Drink do I consume each day?

You should drink a minimum of 6 to 12 glasses of the Madal Bal Drink. Take a drink whenever you feel hungry. Also ensure that you take at least 3 – 5 litres of liquid (Madal Bal Drink + pure water) a day.

What is a healing crisis?

Most of us often forget the diseases or injuries we suffered in the past. During a detox, a healing crisis may occur through symptoms of past sickness such as a fever, headaches, extreme fatigue, aches, pains, sleeplessness, sinus congestion, catarrhal expulsion and skin eruption. These are all signs that the detox is working and that your body is going through the process of cleaning itself of impurities, toxins and imbalances. Drink lots of water and Neera Drink to help flush toxins out of the body and get plenty of rest. Do not give up when discomfort arises as your body is working to heal from the inside out.

Advisory Information

Not Suitable for Diabetics, Pregnant and lactating women

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