The Challenge



The main challenge of the Program is mental. Because we are so used to eating whenever we feel like it, the discipline of not taking any solid food can seem a bit daunting. Eating has become a habit, and like any other habit, it’s not so easy to break, even temporarily. Many of us eat when we become bored, so it is essential to avoid boredom while on the Program. Keep the body active and the mind occupied, to avoid the tricks the mind plays when it has nothing else to do. Take up new hobbies, explore new fields. Perhaps the greatest difficulty is being with other people when they are eating. Eating is a social activity, and it’s considered anti-social and feels uncomfortable to abstain while others are eating around us.
Don’t schedule any dinner engagements. If you have to prepare food for others to eat, be sure to top up with the Drink before you start, so you’re not tempted to “nibble” while cooking. Don’t sit and watch others eating; find an alternative activity to occupy yourself at this time. Perhaps you can go for a brisk walk, do a crossword, watch a video, catch up on work, call a friend. You’ll find that not eating creates a lot of extra time in your day, so take the opportunity to use this time productively. Never focus on the negative, on what you’re missing out on. Remember why you’re doing the Program – because you want to look and feel better, so you can get more out of life. Stay cheerful in the face of scepticism or dismay from friends and acquaintances. They’ll be the first to appreciate the positive changes in you once you’ve completed the Program.

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