• The standard version of the Lemon Detox Diet is 5-7 days. It seems to be difficult for some people, when thinking about fasting for the first time, but it gets easier after the second day. This version is convenient because one-litre can of the Madal Bal Syrup lasts most people 5-7 days (10 max). Substitute each meal by minimum of 2 glasses from the Lemon Detox.
    • 2 glasses instead of Breakfast
    • 2 glasses instead of Lunch
    • 2 glasses instead of dinner
    • drink lot of water during the day (minimum 2 Litres)
    • drink laxative tea without sugar during the day
    • don’t drink caffeine 
  • The relaxed version consists on substituting either breakfast or dinner (or both) with 2 to 3 glasses of the natural tree syrup drink. At lunch time have a healthy meal and abstain from sweets, processed food, red meat, fried food, white bread refined flour, dairy products and coffee. This program takes longer than the standard one, it should be done up to one month.
  • Please read carefully the brochure before starting your detox…best practice is to start your detox at night…skip dinner…have 1 glass or two from the Lemon Detox….1 cup of laxative tea before sleeping
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