Target Population


Who is the target population?

Being overweight is the reason why so many try the lemon diet and indeed it is without doubt remarkable for slimming. Many lose up to two pounds of fat per day without experiencing any harmful side effects. Lemon diet is not only used to lose weight but you will notice a smoothness and finer texture of your skin, a shininess in your hair, and a general vibrancy in your body. The lemon diet has also proved to be strikingly effective for those who want to give up smoking or drinking. This all diseases have one common origin: wastes and poisons. The lemon diet washes these poisons and accumulated mucus in different parts of the body and therefore eliminates the root of illness. Based on the above the Lemon diet is dedicated to every person who wants to keep a healthy life style, far from toxins and mucus accumulation, providing as well losing weight by cleansing the body from fat keeping all the needed minerals. Over half a million Litres per year of the Lemon Detox Syrup is sold in 33 countries.

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